This can occur when using the All users need to complete this learning plan by [Date] setting in the Deadlines section of the Expiry tab. If a user is assigned to a learning plan after the deadline has passed, the user is automatically marked as deadline_missed.

Users who have missed a deadline (deadline_missed), can still access and complete the learning plan.

If you want to add users to an existing learning plan on an ongoing basis, we recommend using one of the following deadline settings in the Deadline section of the Expiry tab instead:

  • When learning plan becomes accessible, the user has [#] days to complete

  • Upon the user clicking "Start" on the learning plan, the user has [#] days to complete

Both of these settings are user-specific, which means the deadline is determined based on when the user is assigned/started the learning plan, rather than a specifically selected deadline date. Assigning users to a learning plan using one of these settings guarantees that the user’s deadline will be a date in the future.