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What happens to the deadline if I add content to an existing learning plan?

A user’s deadline status is determined by how much of a learning plan they have completed. Essentially, a user’s deadline status is dependent on whether the user has completed the learning plan to 100% and whether this is done before the learning plan deadline has elapsed.

Adding new content to an existing learning plan previously completed by a user, automatically causes their completion score to fall below 100% (specifically if the item of content has not been previously viewed by the user outside of a learning plan). A user’s deadline status depends on the learning plan completion percentage. If learning plan completion has fallen below 100% (because new content has been added to the learning plan) and the user has already completed the learning plan, a user’s deadline status will change from deadline passed to deadline missed.

To prevent this:

Instead of adding new content to an existing learning plan, that other users have already completed, it is highly recommended that you create a new version of the learning plan with the new content added in. This ensures that a user’s previous completions status for a learning plan is not altered.

Recurrent learning

In the case of a recurrent learning plan, once a user has completed it, they are considered compliant for the specified period. If content is added or settings in the recurrent learning plan are changed after they have completed it, the user’s progress score, deadline and compliance will remain unaffected for the current compliance period.

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