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Waitlist Analysis section

The Waitlist Analysis section in the Events tab, shows how oversubscribed or undersubscribed your events are. This data can be useful when determining which types of events to cancel and which ones to continue creating in the future.


If an event is incredibly undersubscribed, it could mean the event is not very popular with users. In this case, you could try and find ways of making future events more appealing, in order to encourage users to fill available seats, such as changing the format for how they run, the time/date it takes place, or the subject matter. Otherwise you might want to discontinue events of that type in the future, as running them with few attendees might be costly. 

The following insights are shown:



Most Oversubscribed

A chart showing the average number of users on the waitlist for this event. In the example below, the most oversubscribed event in Fuse has 2 users on the waitlist. This means 2 users were not able to attend the event because it was at full capacity. This bar chart can help you identify which events are the most oversubscribed and help you consider ways to increase the number of available spaces. 

Most Undersubscribed

A bar chart showing the most undersubscribed events. When an event is undersubscribed, it means the available seats in the event are not being filled. This data can help you identify the most unpopular events, which in turn can help you understand why the attendance numbers are so low. If events are proving unpopular with users, you could revamp these events to make them more appealing or even stop creating them altogether. 

In the example below, the most undersubscribed event has 22 seats unfilled. This means there are 22 empty seats that users could have occupied at the event. 

Hover over each bar in the chart to view the details of each event. 

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