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Users receive learning plan overdue reminders, but they have completed a learning plan. Why?

This can occur if you are using the expiry functionality found in the Expiry section of the Expiry tab.

If both a deadline and expiry has been specified for a learning plan and a user has previously completed it, when the learning plan resets, the user’s completion will also be reset.

Fuse looks at the user’s learning plan completion percentage, in order to assign the correct deadline status. The deadline status for a user will change to ‘deadline missed’, because the user is on 0% completion and the deadline is in the past, so a deadline missed notification will be triggered.

A user will receive one notification on the day learning plan is reset. If the Send weekly reminders until user completes the learning plan checkbox (in the Notification Settings section of the Expiry tab) is selected, users will receive this reminder on the day learning plan is reset and weekly reminders from then on.

To prevent this:

We strongly recommended not using the Expiry functionality. The above issue only occurs when deadlines and expiries are used in tandem.

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