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Thumbnail sizes

Last updated: September 4, 2023.

Below you will find the recommended thumbnail dimensions for items of content, events, topics, learning plans, and the featured content banner.

Thumbnails in widgets

As thumbnails may be shown in different widgets, the platform automatically adapts and resizes them. We recommend designing for maximum responsiveness so that they work in all contexts.

Safe zone

Please take note of the safe zone for each thumbnail, marked in green on the images in the Safe zones column below. The safe zone is the part of a thumbnail that remains visible and unobscured even on the smallest widgets. When designing thumbnails, ensure that any essential imagery and text sit correctly within the safe zone so that it doesn’t get cut off or obscured.

Resizing thumbnails

Fuse allows you to upload thumbnails up to 2000 pixels in size (height or width). We recommend using smaller images if possible, and in most cases, you won’t need to increase the size of your thumbnails. If you wish to resize your thumbnails, please do so while keeping in mind the ratios indicated.

Recommended dimensions

Thumbnail type

Recommended dimensions for use

Safe zones

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Content (including uploaded files, questions, articles and links)

1071x366 pixels


170x115 pixels

Learning plan

1880x340 pixels


484x181 pixels

Featured content banner 

1960x480 pixels

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