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Session Analysis: How achievable are the goals being set? section

The How achievable are the goals being set? section in the One-to-Ones tab, contains a funnel showing the end-to-end journey of all one-to-ones in Fuse over the selected time period. This funnel allows you to see how many one-to-one sessions have been created, how many of those one-to-one sessions are currently in progress, and how many have been completed.

In order for a one-to-one session to be considered as "In progress" in Universal Analytics, at least one task must be completed. If every single task is completed, the one-to-one will be considered complete. 

If there is a low conversion rate between the number of sessions created and the number of sessions in progress, it can mean one of two things: 

  • Unattainable goals are being set: If the goals being set in one-to-one sessions are unrealistic or unattainable, users will be unable to complete them and check them off the list.

  • Users are not checking off their goals: Users are required to manually check off goals as they complete them. If a user does not check off a goal, it is not counted as being complete.

In the example below:  

  • 1,965 one-to-one sessions have been created in the defined period.  

  • 393 of those one-to-one sessions are in progress.

  • 208 of those one-to-one sessions have been completed. 

This shows that only a very small number of one-to-one sessions have actually been completed. This might be because the goals set during one-to-one sessions are unrealistic or not easily attainable. If users cannot achieve all their goals, a one-to-one session cannot be completed. In this case, you might want to look at how to make goals more achievable, by ensuring they are realistic, suitable for each user, and are easy to understand.  

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