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Scheduling a one-to-one (Mobile)

If you are a manager or a reportee you can schedule a one-to-one for a future date. 

The earliest you can start a scheduled one-to-one session is 10 minutes prior the start date and time. 

To schedule a one-to one: 

  1. On the One-to-Ones screen, tap Schedule a one-to-one

  2. In the Time and Location section, tap the Date field and select a date from the calendar. 

  3. Tap the Time field and select a time from the dropdown. 

  4. In the Where will it take place? field, enter a location. 

  5. In the Who is it with? section, select one of the following:

    • My Reportees: Shows a list of users who report to you. 

    • My Managers: Shows a list of users who manage you. 

  6. Select a user. 

    The one-to-one is created and added to the Upcoming one-to-ones list. 

    To delete a scheduled one-to-one, tap the Delete icon.

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