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Deleting a user's data from Fuse

Once you have deactivated a user, you may want to delete them from Fuse permanently, along with their personal data.

WARNING: Once a user’s data has been deleted from Fuse it cannot be restored. If you want to prevent a user from accessing their account but don’t want to permanently delete them, you can deactivate them instead.

To delete a user’s data from Fuse:

  1. On the Manage users screen, locate the user you want to delete.

  2. Ensure that the Active toggle is switched to the left, so that the user is deactivated.

  3. Click the x on the right-hand side of the user.

  4. In the warning popup, click OK.

    The user and their data are permanently deleted from Fuse and their entry is replaced with a ‘removed user’ entry.

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