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Content tab

In the Content tab, you can add and remove content from the learning plan.

If previously completed content is added to a learning plan, that content is automatically marked as completed in the learning plan.

If an item of content/topic is added to a learning plan, all users assigned to the learning plan can see it, even if the users are not part of the community in which the content/topic was originally created.

Editing content

The Content tab contains the following columns:

Most recent topics, events, occurrences and SCORM courses

Allows you to search for and then add content to the learning plan.

To add content to the learning plan:  

  1. In Search for items here, enter a keyword or use the All dropdown to narrow down the list. 
    The list narrows down to match the search criteria. 

  2. Click the + to the right of the content.
    The content is added to the Learning plan items column. 

Learning plan items

Remove content from the learning plan. 

To remove an item of content from the learning plan, click the x to the right of the item.

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