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Configuring a custom tab

The Custom tab section of the Community admin screen allows community admins to add a custom tab to the community homepage with a custom layout. 

This feature is being deprecated for the Fuse mobile app.


The Desktop section allows community admins to configure a custom tab on the desktop app using Hyperlink Text Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and template variables.

The Desktop screen contains the following configurations:



Enable custom tab

Select to enable the custom tab on the community homepage. 


Enter the title for the tab. 

Custom Tab height

Enter the height in pixels for the tab's landing page.


Enter custom HTML for the body of the page in the text editor. 


Enter custom CSS to determine the styling of the HTML. 

You can use the following template variables

Copy and paste one or more template variables into the HTML text editor to add personalised information to the page.

A template variable is a placeholder that displays information specific to the user viewing the page. For example, if you add the %{given_name} and %{family_name} variables, the user will see their given name and family name.

Click Save to save all configurations.
Go to the community homepage to view the custom tab.

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