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Can I change the deadline for a specific user assigned to a learning plan?

`You cannot change the deadline for an individual user. You can set a deadline for a learning plan and users assigned to this learning plan are given a deadline, based on the deadline option you have selected in the Deadline section of the Expiry tab.

Users who have missed their deadline will still be able to access and complete the learning plan. The deadline status for those users will be deadline_missed.

If you still want to give an extension to one specific user, you can remove them from the learning plan and assign it to them again. This allows the user to start again from scratch, as if they are a brand new assignee. This only applies to users who have not missed the deadline (As previously stated, the deadline_missed status is currently irreversible). Once this status is applied to a user, it cannot be changed.

Completion progress is stored separately for each individual item of content in a learning plan. This means the user won’t need to re-complete items they’ve already completed if they exit the learning plan and revisit it later.

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