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This section includes:


This section includes information on how to obtain a valid auth_token.

Fuse field names are case-sensitive. If a field does not update or you are getting a bad response, check that the field name being sent within the request matches the field name on Fuse.

Auth Token

Auth Tokens can be obtained in the Admin panel of a Fuse instance or from an API client, such as Postman or cURL.

Generating an auth token in Postman

Follow these steps:

  1. Select your workspace.

  2. Create a request

  3. Set the HTTP method to POST.

  4. Enter the Fuse instance URL:

  5. Select Body tab.

  6. Select form-data sub-tab.

  7. Set a couple of key-value pairs:

    • First KEY: login_name; VALUE: <your_login_name>

    • Second KEY: password; VALUE: <your_password>

  8. Press the Enter key or click on the Send button.

  9. Expected Status Code: 201 Created

  10. Make a note of the auth_token value from the response body to use for requests in later Manage Users Endpoint Examples.

Example of auth_token with valid URL:


Use the following screenshot as a reference in the previous steps:

Generating an auth token in cURL

To generate an auth_token in cURL, run the following command:

curl --location --request POST 'https://<instance_name>' --form 'login_name=<api_user>' --form 'password=<api_user_password>’'

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