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Adding content to a topic

The Content tab allows admins to reconfigure content-related settings defined when the topic was originally created, such as editing the topic description and reordering chapters.

You cannot create sub-chapters in the Content tab. Sub-chapters can only be created when creating a new topic.

The following settings are available in the Content tab:



Enter a chapter title

Allows you add one or more chapters to the topic. 

To add a chapter to the topic:

  1. In the Enter chapter title field, enter a name for the chapter.  

  2. Click the plus icon.
    The chapter is added to the topic's table of contents. 

  3. If necessary, drag the chapter to the desired position in the table of contents.

Search for content

Allows you to add one or more items of content to the topic. 

To add content to the topic:

  1. In the Search for content field, enter the name of an item of content.
    The list of relevant content appears. 

  2. Drag the relevant item of content into the topic's table of contents.
    The content is added to the topic.

Change thumbnail

Allows you to upload a new thumbnail image for the topic. 

For information on supported image formats, see the Images section in Supported formats

Topic description

Allows you to edit the topic's description. 

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