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Reporting (Beta)

The Reporting (Beta) screen will eventually replace the legacy Reporting screen in the Admin Panel and will include a host of new and improved reports, as well as the ability to manage, schedule, and share reports. This screen is being rolled out in stages over several consecutive releases, with each release introducing new functionality and reports.

For further information on the features and reports included in each release, see the release schedule below.

When the new Reporting screen has been fully rolled out, admins will be able to create two types of CSV report:

  • Quick reports: These are preconfigured reports that can be created instantly at the click of a button, without needing to select lots of additional filters and configurations.

  • Custom reports: These reports are more tailorable, configurable and customisable, allowing you to narrow the data using filters, create scheduled shares, and determine which users and admin groups can access to them.

Release schedule

Please see the release schedule below for details of what is included in each release:




Release 1

Rollout of the Quick reports, including:

  • All users: A list of all users in your Fuse instance and the data from their profile, including custom profile fields.

  • SCORM: The user completion data for a single SCORM course that you have selected.

  • Learning plan: The user completion data for a single learning plan that you have selected.


Release 2

Rollout of the custom report section, including:

  • The My reports tab, which allows you to view and manage reports you have created.

  • User report: This custom report allows you to generate a list of users, including the user's name and ID, email address, role, manager’s name and ID, selected language and timezone settings, and deactivation date (if applicable).

Release 3

Rollout of:

Release 4

The rollout of:

  • Learning plan report: This custom report provides you with user progress and completion data for selected learning plans and includes key details such as a user's ID, learning status (Not started, In progress, or Completed), progress score, deadline and expiry status, and the learning plan name and ID.

Learning plan report - released 22nd November 2023

Release 5

Ability to edit existing reports.

The second batch of custom reports, including:

  • Formal assessment: A list of users and their progress on formal assessments inside topics. This includes the user's topic completion status (Not Started, In progress, Completed), and the total number of points the user has scored in their latest attempt on the assessment.

  • Topic: A list of users and their completion status for a topic, including the user's topic status (Not started, In progress, or Completed), the completion date, and number of content views for each item of content in the topic.

  • Audit: This report can only be created by site admins, and provides a list of reports that have been generated, downloaded and shared in Fuse, including the details of each report version, who accessed it and when, and the details of the user who created it.

  • Event: The status of users who registered to attend an event, including the approval status, event name and ID, occurrence name and ID, event start and end date, and the user’s registration date.

Coming soon

Release 6

The third batch of custom reports, including:

  • Observational assessment: A list of users currently being observed in observational assessments, including the start and end date, the observational assessment status (Completed or In progress), and answers given by the manager carrying out the observation. 

  • Digital signature report: A list of users from the selected community, who have provided a digital signature when viewing an item of content. This report only includes items of content that require users to leave digital signatures.

  • Survey report: A list of users with access to surveys, including the user’s completion status (Completed, In Progress, Not Started), details of the user’s manager, the start and completion date, and the user’s answer to each question. 

  • One-to-ones report: A list of one-to-one sessions created in Fuse, including the session’s start and end date, the name and user ID of the reportee and manager participating in the session, the goals and commitments created, and the current status of those goals and commitments.

  • Recurrent learning report: A list of users and their progress on recurrent learning plans, including the learning plan creation date, the user's completion status (Not started, In progress or Completed), number of previous recurrences, and expiry and reset dates. Each individual attempt/completion is listed individually on a separate row in the report.

  • Content engagement: A list of engagements for items of content in the selected community, including the engagement type (view, like, comment, share, follow or favourite) and the engagement date.

Coming soon

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