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Why have I received a security error after upgrading the Screen Recorder?

After upgrading to the new version of the Screen Recorder, you might receive a "Sorry, we've encountered a security error and must exit" message, as shown below. 

This can be resolved by clearing the contents inside the FusionUniversal-v2 folder on your local machine and relaunching the Screen Recorder.

Clearing the folder on Windows

To clear the folder on Windows: 

  1. Go to This PC.

  2. Click the View tab and select the Hidden items checkbox.

    A list of hidden folders is revealed.

  3. Open the AppData Folder.

  4. Open the FusionUniversal-v2 folder. This folder is in the following directory: C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\FusionUniversal-v2.

  5. Clear all contents from inside the FusionUniversal-v2 folder.

  6. Relaunch the Screen Recorder. 

Clearing the folder on Mac

To clear the folder on Mac:

  1. Press Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight Search.
    The Spotlight Search bar appears. 

  2. In the Spotlight Search bar, enter ~/Library/FusionUniversal-v2. 

  3. Select the FusionUniversal-v2 folder from the list.

    The folder opens. 

  4. Clear all contents from inside the FusionUniversal-v2 folder. 

  5. Relaunch the Screen Recorder. 

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