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Starting a one-to-one

If you are a manager or a reportee you can start a one-to-one session.  

To start a one-to-one session:

  1. Expand the sidebar and click One-to-Ones.
    The One-to-Ones screen appears.

  2. Click Start new one-to-one.

    The New One-to-Ones session screen appears. 

  3. Select a user. 

    The one-to-one session starts. 

  4. In the Add a new note or goal field, enter the title of a goal, or enter a note.

  5. If you have created a goal, enter one or more commitments related to the goal. Commitments are smaller tasks that contribute to the overall goal.

    Goals and commitments can be assigned to a manager or a reportee. For example, a particular goal or commitment might only be applicable to the manager.

    To switch between a manager's and a reportee's goals:

    • Click the profile picture in the right-hand corner of a goal.

      The Goal screen appears.

    • Click the Switch icon. 

      The view switches to the other user. 

    • Enter one or more goals.

    • Click Done

  6. [Optional] To add an item of content as a commitment:

    • Click add content.  
      The Select content screen appears. 

    • Select an item of content, such as a video or article. 

    • Click Select.
      The content is added to the list of commitments. 

  7. [Optional] In the Add tags field, enter one or more tags. 

  8. Click Done

  9. [Optional] To attach related items of content to the one-to-one, such as articles or videos: 

    • Click Attach content.
      The Select content screen appears. 

    • Click Public or Evidence Portfolio

    • Select an item of content. 

    • Click Select.
      The content is added.

  10. To end the one-to-one session, click End one-to-one.

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