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Observational Assessments section

The Observational Assessments section in the Observations tab, shows data and insights related to observational assessments, including the number of observational assessments created, number of users being observed over the past 6 months, how many managers are observing teams, and the percentage of users not yet assigned a manager. 

The following insights are shown:




The number of observations carry out in the Fuse instance. In the example below, a total of 6,032 observations have been carried out in Fuse during the defined period.

Users Observed

The number of users who have been observed by their manager in an observation assessment. In the example below, 23.2% of users have been observed. 76.8% of users are not receiving feedback from their managers via observations, which means the majority of users in Fuse were not being observed over the defined period. 

This might be because:

  • Some users do not yet have a manager assigned to them and therefore cannot be observed. 

  • Managers are not providing feedback to their team.

If you find that a higher percentage of users with managers are not being observed, you could try and agree a deadline with your team, by which all managers must carry out observations, as well as make observations more relevant. You could then send regular reminders to managers, to ensure they carry out observations. 

Mgrs Observing entire team

The number of managers observing their entire team.

In the example below, only 14% of managers in Fuse are observing all of their reportees. This means that 86% of managers have not been observing all  of their reportees and therefore a large number of users have not received feedback from their managers on their performance. If reportees do not receive regular feedback from their manager, it will be much harder for them to maximise their performance and therefore progress in their career.

A manager might have 10 users reporting to them but has only carried out observational assessments for 5 of them. If a manager has not observed all their reportees, it is not counted. 

Users Not Assigned a Manager

The percentage of users not currently assigned a manager. If a user does not have a manager, then they cannot be observed. 

In the example below, 54.1% of users do not have a manager assigned to them on Fuse. This means the progress and performance of roughly half of the users in Fuse cannot be assessed using this feature. This also means there is little to no visibility into how these users are performing. It is important for users to be observed and receive feedback, so they are fully aware of gaps in their knowledge and progress, as well as what they need to do to improve. 

Users who have not been assigned a manager cannot be observed. Admins can assign a manager to user, via the Managers field in the user's Personal settings screen. 

Observed Users (Last Six Months)

A bar chart showing the number of users observed at least once over the last six months.

The DATE filter is disabled for the Observed Users (Last Six Months) bar chart. This chart is fixed to show data from the past 6 months. This cannot be changed

In the example below, the highest number of users being observed was in July. 

Hover over each bar in the chart to view the details for each month. In the example below, 10 users took part in observational assessments in July. 

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