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General tab

In the General tab, you can edit general details for the learning plan, such as, title, description, cost, and upload a thumbnail. 

General tab

The General tab contains the following configurations: 



Title of the Learning plan

The title of the learning plan.

Description (max 300)

The description for the learning plan.

Choose file 

A thumbnail image to help users differentiate the learning plan from others. 

For information on supported image formats, see the Images section in Supported formats


How much it costs for each user to access the learning plan.

The Cost field is a free text field used to represent the cost of the learning plan. This field does not require you to enter any transactional information. 

Allow user to download report

If this toggle is enabled, it allows you to:

  • Download your own diagnostic assessment results as a PDF.
  • Learning plan progress of all your reportees or users in the community. 

The Allow user to download report toggle is enabled by default. 

Downloading your diagnostic assessment results

 To download your own diagnostic results: 

  1. On the Edit Learning Plans screen, click on the title of a learning plan. 

    The My reports tab opens, displaying a list of your reportees. 
  2. Click the My Modules tab.
  3. Click: 
    • The Diagnostic results.pdf. button to download the overall results of the diagnostic assessment in the learning plan. 
    • The Download button to download a PDF containing your answers to each question in the diagnostic assessment. 

Downloading a PDF of your reportee's learning plan progression

To download a PDF containing your reportee's results:

  1. On the Edit Learning Plans screen, click on the title of a learning plan. 

    The My reports tab opens.  
  2. Click the All 'reports' progression.pdf button. 

    A PDF appears containing the learning plan progress scores for all your reportees. 
Enable learning plan assignment notification

If disabled, allows you to create and save the learning plan without notifying any users or audiences in the community. 

ExampleYou might create an optional learning plan and not wish to notify users about it once it has been made available. 


  • The toggle is disabled by default.
  • The toggle only affects the You have been assigned the following learning plan: [Leaning plan name] notification. Other learning plan-related notifications such as reminders for upcoming deadlines are not affected.
  • Users and audiences assigned prior to enabling this toggle will not be notified. 

Enable Promotional content

If enabled, you can select a single item of content from the learning plan, such as a video, that users can preview on the learning plan start page. 

To add an item of promotional content to the learning plan start page, in the Community content (most recent) column, click the next to the item of content.

If you want to disable promotional content for a learning plan, you must deselect the item of promotional content before disabling the Enable promotional content toggle. Otherwise the promotional content will automatically re-enable. 

To deselect an item of promotional content, click the cross to the right of the content, in the Selected promotional content column. 

Click Save to save your configurations.

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