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Fuse Assistant

Fuse Assistant appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and it brings support and news directly to you on the platform where you work.

Until now, you've been asked to visit Pink Fuse or the Fuse Wiki to find resources and hear the latest news. With Fuse Assistant, we can also bring that directly to you on your own Fuse platform, so you don't need to leave the flow of work to find the information you need. Pink Fuse (community of peers, experts, and best practices) and the Fuse Wiki (technical documentation) won't be going anywhere; Fuse Assistant simply joins them to help make life a little easier.

Note: Fuse Assistant is only available to site administrators at this time.

In Fuse Assistant, you can see:

  • In-product announcements - e.g. release notes, service outages

    • Before: our announcements were available only on Pink Fuse or via email for feature releases

    • Now: alongside Pink Fuse and email, you will now receive important announcements directly to Fuse Assistan

  • In-product guides and other support assets 

    • Before: resources available on Pink Fuse, as well as our Fuse Wiki

    • Now: alongside Pink Fuse and the Fuse Wiki, we are bringing in-product tips/tricks, guidance and step-by-step guides into the Fuse productNote: In-product guides are being added gradually; if there's a guide on a particular area you'd like added in the future, let us know in the comments!

  • Product Portal (ability to submit, vote and track new roadmap ideas)

    • Before: our old Product Portal allowed you to submit an idea for our roadmap, and vote on other people's ideas

    • Now: 

      • Submit an idea for our roadmap directly from within Fuse Assistant on the platform, no more trying to find the bookmark for the Product Portal

      • You can now track any ideas you've submitted or voted on within the Portal, and receive automatic updates as those ideas move through the Fuse product development process

      • We know some ideas are more important to you than others, so now you can reflect that by telling us what's really important to you and what's less important

  • That's not all....
    We've also added:

    • A quick link to the Fuse support portal

    • Direct links to popular and useful communities in Pink Fuse 

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