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Can I add separate columns for 'completed' and 'passed'?

Fuse supports SCORM 1.2 (Single SCO), which means you can only enter the 'passed' or 'completed' status, when a user has successfully completed a SCORM course in Fuse. It is not possible to add a separate column for each of these statuses.

If the user has successfully completed the SCORM course, enter either the 'passed' or 'completed' status in the cmi.core.lesson_status column in the CSV, as shown below: 

In certain versions of SCORM, 'passed' and 'completed' are often treated as uniquely different statuses, therefore requiring two separate columns. For example, 'completed' might mean that the user has read and watched all the learning material in the SCORM course prior to taking the quiz, and the 'passed' status is only given once the user passes the quiz at the end. This is not supported by Fuse. 

If you have a SCORM course that sends both the 'passed' and 'completed' statuses, the user’s completion attempt will be considered complete as soon as they reach either of these statuses. If the user must complete additional steps afterwards, the SCORM course will send an alternative terminal status, and a new attempt record will be created each time. To avoid this from occurring, it is recommended that you design SCORM courses that only use one of the available statuses. 

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