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Why are all community members included in the Learning plan report when the selected learning plan is only assigned by audience?

Users that are assigned to a learning plan via an audience will have an availability date given to them when the audience is assigned to the learning plan. Fuse is currently unable to identify if a user is a member of an audience or not in the Learning plan report. This will come in a future update where we will add a True or False status to the Assignment status column in the Learning plan report, enabling you to differentiate between users that have been assigned and those that have not.

Presently, we recommend using the Availability date column to identify which users have been assigned to the learning plan.

This FAQ relates to the Reporting (Beta) screen. The Reporting (Beta) screen will eventually replace the legacy Reporting screen and will include a host of new and improved reports and features. These features and reports will be rolled out in stages, over several consecutive releases.

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