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Filtering the Feed widget

The Feed widget comes with filters which allow you to narrow down the content displayed. 

The following filters are available:



Most Recent

Shows content posted in communities you are a member of, with the most recently posted content at the top of the feed.

  • When you view the feed for the first time, Most Recent is selected by default. However, if you switch to Recommended, it will become the new default. 

  • Content you have posted is also displayed in the Most Recent list, along with content posted by other users.

Filtering by content type

You can filter the Most Recent list so that only certain content types are displayed. For example, if you only want to display questions, videos and files, select the QuestionsVideos, and Files checkboxes.

Your selected content type filters are remembered whilst you are logged in or until you change them. For example, if you filter the feed to only show Questions and Videos, this will be the default until you log out of Fuse or purposefully change your selection during the session.

To filter the feed by content type:

  1. At the top of the feed, click Content types

  2. From the dropdown, select one or more content type checkboxes. 

    The following content types can be selected/deselected:

    • Articles

    • Questions

    • Files

    • Videos

    • Links

  3. Click Apply.
    The Most Recent list filters down to only show the selected content types.


Shows recommended content from communities you are a member of, based on the number of likes, views, shares, and comments, with the most popular content at the top of the feed. 

Content you have personally posted is not included in the Recommended list. Only content posted by other users is shown. 

Content shown in Recommended can be filtered by time period. For example, you might only want to see content posted in the last 24 hours. 

You can also filter the list of content by time period. To do this, click the From dropdown and select a time period. 

The following time periods can be selected from the dropdown:

 7 days is selected by default, when you first view the Recommended list. Currently, this only applies to the browser version and not to the social feed on the mobile app.

  • Today: Content created today, from communities you are a member of.

  • Last 24 hours: Content created in the last 24 hours, from communities you are a member of. 

  • Last 7 days: Content created in the last 7 days, from communities you are a member of. 

  • Last 30 days: Content created in the last 30 days, from communities you are a member of. 

If there is no recommended content to show for the selected time period, Fuse defaults to the next available time period. For example, if there is no recommended content to show for Today, Fuse automatically shows content for Last 24 hours instead. If there is no content for Last 24 hours, Fuse defaults to Last 7 days and so on. 

If no recommended content is available for any of the time periods, the following message is displayed:
 That's all there is for now! We'll recommend more content as it becomes available. 

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