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Commenting on content in the Feed widget

You can post a new parent level comment under an item of content directly in the Feed widget, as well as reply to the most recent parent comment.  The latest parent comment is always displayed underneath an item of content, which means, if your comment is the latest parent comment, it will be visible underneath the content card by default. 

Posting a parent comment

To comment on an item of content: 

  1. Click the Comment icon on the item of content.

  2. If the item of content exists in multiple communities, a popup appears, where you must select the community your comment will be visible in. Select a community from the list and click Confirm. Your comment will only be visible to those users in the community with permission to see the item of content. 

    The Write new comment... field appears.

  3.  In the Write a comment... field, enter your comment. 

  4. Click Post.

    The comment is posted underneath the content card.

Replying to a parent comment 

The latest parent comment is always displayed underneath an item of content. You can reply to the latest parent comment directly in the feed.

To reply to a parent comment: 

  1. Click Reply.

  2. The Reply to [usernamefield appears.

  3. Enter your comment. 

  4. Click Post.
    The reply is posted.

Your reply is temporarily displayed underneath. If you refresh the page or the Feed widget, your reply will be hidden. 

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